Android 11 Beta 1 All You Need To Know [Latest update]

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Every Android fan out there is waiting for the latest and greatest Android 11 to come out. As of now not even the beta version was available due to this whole Corona Virus situation. The first beta version of Android 11 was supposed to be released at Google I/O event, which was scheduled for May 12th-14th. In this whole gap between the Android 11 Developer Preview 3 and Android 11 Beta 1. Google released the Developer Preview 4 but now the wait is finally over. Google rolled out the Android 11 Beta 1 to some Pixel 4 Devices as of June 3rd.

Just like always, Google has been teasing with a lot of new hidden features in the Developer Preview. As per the Developer Preview 4, we have seen features like Resizable Picture-in-Picture Mode, Flower and Hexagon Shaped Icon, Select Option in Recent App Drawer, and more. With Android 11 Beta 1 there’s a lot of features coming down the road.

Android 11 Beta 1 New Features

Let’s have a look at the new features which the Android 11 Beta 1 has to Offer:

Android 11 Beta 1

  1. Music Player in Quick Settings Menu: 

    Just like you see the current song playing in the control center on your iOS Device. Now you can see a music player in your quick settings by swiping down the quick settings and after completely wiping down the music player acquires the entire top of the quick settings moving the toggles to the bottom. You to enable this feature in the Developer Options it’s present in the media settings under the name of “Media Resumption”.

  2. New Icon Shapes: 

    With the Android Developer Preview 4, we got 2 new icons to shape Flower shape and Hexagon shape and Now some new shapes are here with the Android 11 like Tapered Rectangle, Pebble, and Vessel this gave the users a lot of customization options.

  3. Improved Graphics for Accessibility Settings: 

    It’s a minor change as compared to the major features but still, it needs a mention. Android 11 Beta 1 added some graphics to accessibility settings like the Select to Speak and Talkback.

  4. New submenu for enabling Bubble notifications: 

    Unlike Android 10, Android 11 supports Bubble notifications by default. Bubble Notifications is just like you get with the Facebook Messenger’s chat heads. It’s like a floating overlay on the display to view notifications and conversations from messaging apps. In Android 11 Developer Preview 1, Google introduced a new feature to take a screenshot of just the bubble area instead of a full screen.

  5. New Developer Option: 

    Android 11 Beta 1 introduced this new developer option called Wi-Fi-enhanced MAC randomization. This feature helps the phone to change its MAC address every time it connects to Wi-Fi Network that has MAC randomization enabled.

These are some of the new features with Android 11. Still a lot of features are in In-Development in Android 11 like Possible Clock customization for Lock Screen, Scrolling screenshots, and More all we have to do is to wait for them a little more. If you want some more content like this then do follow up with our blog daily we update new content daily. If you have any queries or doubts then tell us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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