Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features

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Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features: With Android 10 being the Latest and Stable Version of Android as of Now But as always Google is currently working on its latest “Android 11”. And Yes, It’s Just Android 11 No Fancy Names this Time around as Google has Dropped the Habit of Alphabetically Releasing the Major Android Updates. So, Android 10 or in Alphabetical Order the Android Q was the Last Major Android Update to Have an Alphabet. We have mentioned some Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features below.

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As always Google started Giving out the Developer Preview for Android 11 Back in February 2020. As of May 2020 Developer Preview 4, is the Latest Preview Available Now? The Android 11 Developer Preview 4 is Available on All Pixel Devices except the First Generation Pixel and Pixel XL. The Release of Public Beta of The Android 11 was Scheduled to Take Place in Google I/O which got canceled Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, an Online Event is Currently being Planned. The Final Release of Android 11 is Predicted to be in the Third Quarter of 2020.

Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features

Every New Major Android Update comes with Exciting New and Some Hidden Features. Some are Really Major Feature while others are just an Extended/Refresh of Already Available Features. Now, Here We Have Compiled a List of Exciting New Features That are Coming with Android 11 Based on the Developer Preview. Here are the:

Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features

Picture-in-Picture Mode Window is Now Resizeable

 We all Know How Convenient the Picture-in-Picture Mode like you can Continue Watching a Video While Replying to Someone on Instagram. But With Android 11 Developer Preview 4 Now you can even adjust the size of Picture-in-Picture Window By Dragging inward or outward after tapping on any 4 corners of the window.

Flower and Hexagon Shaped Icon

With the Developer Preview 4 You got 2 New Icon Shapes Flower Shape and Hexagon Shape. While other Shapes like Teardrop, Squircle, Rounded Rectangle, and Circular are Still Available.

Select Option in Recent App Drawer

Now there is a Select option in the Recent App Drawer. Tapping on the Select Button Highlights all the text on the Most Recent App. This allows you to easily copy text from the Recent Apps. This Feature will Also be Available to Non-Pixel Devices.

Grid Size Customisation For Pixel Launcher: 

This feature allows you to change the Grid Size of the Launcher. You Can Select From 5×5(Default), 4×4, 3×3, and 2×2.

“Schedules” in Settings: 

This will allow you to control all the schedulable things in your Device like Night Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode, Night Light, etc. It’ll Surely Come in Handy.

A suggestion of Apps in the App Dock:

Now if you remove any app from the Homescreen App Dock You’ll See a Suggestion to Put a New App in That Place only if the Hybrid Hotseat Feature is Enabled It will not leave an Ugly Blank Space in the App Dock.

This Sums up the list of some New and Some Hidden Features in the Developer Preview 4 of Android 11, Which is the Latest Developer Preview as of Now.

That’s all on Android 11 Developer Preview 4 New and Hidden Features. If you have any queries or suggestions you can drop them down in the comment section we will get back to you as soon as possible. Visit our blog for some interesting posts like this.


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