ColorOS 7.1 Features: Everything you Should know

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ColorOS 7.1 Features: Most of Us Wants to Have a Bloatwaret-Free, Clean, and Close to Stock Android Experience. While the Majority of People Out there are a Fan of Stock Android But Most Manufacturers Put Their own Skin on Top of Stock Android Provided By Google. If You Want the completely Stock Android Experience Go with a Google Pixel Device. Manufacturers Like Xiaomi Has MIUI Which a Perfect Example of Highly Skinned Android as Compare to OxygenOS on Oneplus Devices which is Really Close to Stock with Some Additional Features Up Top.

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One of the Biggest Budget Phone Manufacturers, Based on Guangdong, China is OPPO. Like Every Other Budget Phone Manufacturer, OPPO has also their own Operating System Called the ColorOS, Which is based on Google’s Android Operating System.

It was Release back in September 2013, this OS has Quite a Comical UI as Compared to Stock Android, Some UI Elements Look Similar to That You’ll Find on iOS. The Sole Purpose of Having a Skin Over Stock Android is To Have Extra Features Which Users Feel are Essential But are Missing From the Stock Android. Currently, the latest version of ColorOS is ColorOS 7.1 released back in March 2020 which is based on Android 10.

Some major ColorOS 7.1 Features

This Update of ColorOS Brings Some Great Feature with It. Here’s a list of all the major Features/Upgrade Which ColorOS Brings in With it ColorOS 7.1:

ColorOS 7.1 Features: Everything you Should know


    ColorOS 7.1 Brings this AI Display Adaptive Eye Protection Feature which allows the Display to Automatically Set the Parameters Like Color Temperature and Brightness According to the Surrounding and thereby make our eyes feel a lot more comfortable while Staring at the Screen of our Device.


    This Feature will take surely help you in your day to day task, During the Shooting Process the Super Text Feature Automatically Mark the Edges of a Document so You Capture only the Essential Part Not Only This it Also Enhances the Document, Provides Correction and can also extract text from the Document. You can edit PPTs and Documents.


    This Feature Helps in the Camera Department by Solving the Issue of Overexposed Backlit Scene and Super Dark Foreground Scenes. This helps in Shooting Great Videos in Bad Lighting Conditions.


    This Feature is More Specific to High Refresh Rate Phone Like the OPPO Find X2 Series which has a 120Hz Refresh Rate Screen. Using the O1 Super Sensitive Image Engine you can increase a video content of 30fps to 60fps or even 120fps for a much Smoother Experience.


    As The Name Suggests, This Feature allows you to use your Phone Single-Handedly. Smartphone Screens are Getting Huge and it almost impossible to reach the top Corners of Your Phone using one hand. After Activating the One Hand Mode the Screen Elements Shrinks Down. Either to Right or Left Corner and it becomes a lot easy to Reach the top Corners.

ColorOS 7.1 Bring In a Lot Of Minor Features as Well to Improve your not-so-stock Android Experience. Making it a Lot More Easier to Go Through the UI.


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