How to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean (KR) Version

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most playable came around the world. Hence, PUBG mobile Korea has a separate fan base and player stores. Please give it outside Korea. First, the game is available on the PUBG mobile Korean version that you have to download. Today we Guide “How to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean (KR) Version”.

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PUBG mobile Korea is a lot different from other PUBG mobile versions, it comes with a separate reward such as Ice and Fire Ranger at its rank of 15 and will be upgraded to the world Ultra defence shed at rank 100. There are a lot of new things that comfort the PUBG mobile Korean version, and they have released two different kinds of PUBG mobile season 15 Royale pass with a lot of various missions and rewards

They have more material and more crates than the Global Version. More comfortable to get items because they have a high amount of stuff. You can get Free Lucky Spins. and get guns, vehicles, helmets, and bag skins with Silver Fragments. You can also play with players of Global Version. If you need Royale pass in PUBG Mobile just Follow the Simple Steps. Royale Pass is the main way for players to get rewards in the game. Royale Pass Points can be obtained in the following ways to increase the rank: Complete Royale Pass Daily Missions and Challenge Missions. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank up faster.


  • You need to set up your Google Play account in the Korea region. Otherwise, you can’t complete the payment
  • Your Debit or Credit card Should be Accept International payments to Complete Recharge your Google Play Wallet.

How to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean (KR) Version

  1. First, open the PUBG Mobile Korean Version
  2. After that, login in the Game with Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  3. Now, Click on the UC icon placed on the right side of the screen.
  4. Then, select the UC amount and add your debit or credit card on Google Play, Complete the payment.
  5. Once the transaction is done, you can purchase a New Royale pass.

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