How to Disable Bloatware, Ads, and Push Notification in MIUI 11

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Xiaomi SmaXiaomi is the Most Popular Smartphone brands. MIUI has taken a step back in terms of user experience. And it’s mostly due to ads, bloatware and push notifications. So Today we are Going to teach About the “How to Disable Bloatware, Ads, and Push Notification in MIUI 11”.

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Not to mention you can also use this method for Disable Bloatware, Ads, and Push Notification in MIUI 11. So, today we are going to teach you “How to Disable Bloatware, Ads, and Push Notification in MIUI 11”

Block Push Notifications in MIUI 11

First Block Push Notification in MIUI 11. Block push notifications into the default web browser, and other local apps have become pretty irritating as they continue to go unsuitable content notifications and irrelevant ads on your smartphone.

1. If you are warned with an irrelevant notification, do not remove it at first. Just click and hold the message and disable the toggle and after that, Click on the “Done button.” This is the Quickest and simple way to block push notifications in MIUI 11 from that that Application you want.

2. Moreover, if you need to examine all the Applications and disable notifications one by one.  So, open the “Settings” and Browse the “Notifications” menu. So you can simply disable notifications for all the apps. I would recommend you to disable notifications for Browser, GetApps, Dailyhunt, and Mi Video as they are the ones who send push notifications regularly.

How to Disable Ads in MIUI 11

Today we are going to About to “How to Disable Ads in system Apps and Settings in MIUI 11.” So Xiaomi has promised that it’s bringing a one-click button to disable all system ads. You Disable Ads manual On your Device Settings.

  • First, Open the Settings on your Xiaomi Devices. Then, Go to Password and security. Now open the “Authorisation and Revocation” and Disable the Toggle “MSA” (MSA stands for MIUI System Ads, and It’s responsible for Collecting  pushing ads and Collecting data on Xiaomi Devices). It won’t get Deactivated, So Try 4-5 times, and msa will be Turn off Successfully.
  • After that, Open the Individual Apps that Annoy your Ads. Then, Turn off and Recommendation. If you are using the Xiaomi Mi browser. Then open the Browser and after Click the Setting. Now, Click the “Privacy and Security” option.  After that, Diable the “Personalized.” To disable ads in Mi Videos.
  • Open the Mi Videos and Go to Setting. After that, Turn off “Online recommendations” and Push Notification.”
  • To disable the Ads in File manager Apps, Open the File manager App and Go to the “Setting” option. Now, Go to About Option and Diable the Recommendations Options. This Feature will be hidden inside Additional Settings or Security or About or anything on Similar Lines. You have to Find the Recommendation Toggle under any Menu and after that, Disable it.
  • To Disable the Screen Ads, Open the Setting. After that, Click the Lock Screen> Wallaper> Wallpaper Carousel> Disable the toggle For “Turn on Wallpaper Carousel.”
  • Lastly, Disable personalized ad recommendations if you don’t want your device to track your habits and browsing behavior. Open Settings -> Password and Security -> Privacy -> Scroll down and open “Ad Services”. Here, disable the toggle, and you are done.

Remove Ads and Bloatware from Xiaomi Smartphones

  1. First, Download and Install ADB on your PC and smartphone. We will need to perform some ADB commands from our PC to remove those background packages finally.
  2. After that, you need to download and install the Xiaomi Debloater Download Here. It’s a little utility that helps you to uninstall background apps in some click.
  3. Now, connect your Device to PC via using USB cable, and the Debloater will automatically detect your device. After that, choose the app name that you want to uninstall and click on the “Uninstall” button. In case you are not assured whether to uninstall an app or not, Visit the XDA Forums and find the safe-to-uninstall list of apps in MIUI 11.

Note: Do not uninstall the Security app as it’s a core app of MIUI. Because it coulb be create bootloop your device if you uninstalled it.

Hopefully, we assume that this article remains helpful to you and worth your time. You have Successfully Read About “How to Disable Bloatware, Ads, and Push Notification in MIUI 11”. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If you have any queries, share with us know in the comment section below.

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