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How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Chinese version in Android

Pubg mobile is one of the most playable came around the world. Hence, the PUBG mobile Chinese has a separate fan base and player stores. Please give it outside Chinese. “PUBG Mobile: Battlefield” has renamed as “Game For Peace” by Tencent. “Game For Peace” is a military competition mobile game created by Tencent Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. It pays tribute to the Sky Warriors who protect the national airspace. It was officially launched on May 8, 15:00 CST in China. The Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile China) topped the IOS game free list and the best-selling list in China. Today we Guide “Download and Install PUBG Mobile Chinese version in Android”

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PUBG mobile Chinese is a lot different from other PUBG mobile versions, it comes with a separate reward such as Ice and Fire Ranger at its rank of 15 and will be upgraded to the word Ultra defence shed at rank 100. There are a lot of new things that comfort the PUBG mobile Chinese version, and they have released two different kinds of PUBG mobile season 14 Royale pass with a lot of various missions and rewards

However, after banning 59 Chinese apps, the Indian government has banned more than 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG, thanks to user’s privacy in India. Because it was leaked that these Chinese are harmful to Indian users as they’re sending or revealing their personal details ahead of china. So, By knowing this error, the Indian government performed this action.


These are Step to Download and Install the PUBG mobile Chinese Version on Android.

  1. First, open the Tap-Tap website through the Download Link.
  2. Then, Click the Download the Button then after Click the Install Tap Tap Button.
  3. After that, PUBG MOBILE CN 1.0 starts Downloading.
  4. When PUBG MOBILE CN 1.0 Download Finish, Open the Download Folder the APK on your smartphone.
  5. Then after, click Install the Button.
  6. Now, Open the PUBG MOBILE CN 1.0 and after OBB will Automatically Start Downloading. Do not Close or Turn off your smartphone until Download Finished.

Download PUBG Mobile CN

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