How to Download Android 11 Gapps for Android 11 GSI and ROM

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Android 11 has been officially launched an OEM start trial version of there custom skin, It likely to be a successor of Android 10. Meanwhile, GApps is still one of the most packages for the custom ROMs. Whereas, it allows you to access all the Google application on your device including the Play Service, Play Store, Google Assistant, Chrome, Youtube and other Google Mobile service apps.

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Therefore, there were a variety of custom ROMs For instance, LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, AOSP and Pandroid Android alongside other featured-packed ROMs. Furthermore, Custom ROMs themselves packed GApps by default but as it was an initial wave of Android 11 you might face difficulty this is why GApps support might not be there in some custom ROMs. Moreover, you first need to ensure that the package you are going to download it should be compatible with your device architecture (ARM 64, ARM, X86).

If your device doesn’t meet the compatibility you would not be able to flash the Gapps on your device. In contrast, you also have to choose the Gapps package among Nano, Micro, Mini, Stock, Super, Pico and other more. We don’t suggest you choose Full, Stock or Super because it requires more RAM compare to others. You will have an application based on the Gapps package alongside the basic application.

  • Facelock
  • GoogleBackupTransport
  • GoogleRestore
  • GoogleSetupWizard
  • GoogleLoginService
  • GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
  • GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
  • GoogleExtShared
  • MarkupGoogle
  • SoundPickerPrebuilt
  • ConfigUpdater
  • GoogleExtServices
  • GoogleLoginService
  • GoogleServicesFramework
  • Phonesky
  • PrebuiltGmsCore
  • GoogleDialerFramework
  • GoogleMapsFramework
  • GoogleMediaEffectsFramework

Here are the Addon Package

  • GoogleAssistant
  • GoogleCalculator
  • GoogleCalendar
  • GoogleContacts
  • GoogleDeskclock
  • GoogleDialer
  • GoogleMarkup
  • GoogleMessages
  • GooglePhotos
  • GoogleSoundPicker
  • GoogleWellbeing

Here are application that you can download from Google Play Store

  • Google Play Music
  • ‎Google Play Games
  • Google App
  • ‎Google Framework
  • ‎Google Phone
  • ‎Google Contacts
  • ‎Google Core Apps
  • Google Lens
  • Google Clock
  • ‎Google Drive
  • ‎Google Calendar
  • ‎Google Photos
  • ‎Google Messages
  • ‎Google Chrome
  • ‎Google Duo
  • ‎GBoard
  • ‎Google Maps
  • ‎Google TTS
  • ‎Pixel Launcher
  • ‎Google Play Store
  • ‎Gmail
  • ‎Google Assistant
  • ‎Google Play Services
  • ‎Google Calculator
  • ‎YouTube

Gapps ARM / ARM 64 Android 11 devices

We have includes all the Gapps for all the Custom ROMs, you can download based on your requirements. Meanwhile, these Android 11 ROMs sourced from various developers.

BiTGApps (Gapps for Android 11)

The latest version available was R16, In contrast, you can download the Gapps by following link mentioned down below.

Download Bit GappsGapps downloads (official repository)

NikGApps (Gapps for Android 11)

Here is the NikGApps seems to be one of the most popular comes with a SetupWizard module. Reportedly, it has some bugs so you can skin the nikgapps.config or flash without SetupWizard. Not to mention, It will be fixed quite soon.

Download NikGappsOfficial Download | Full downloads respository

Google Installer APK package for Android 11

This will help you to install Google Application on your Android device includes Play Services and play store so far. Meanwhile, other application you can download from Google Play store based on your preference.

Google Installer APKDownloads (post link)
Google Installer APK by BitGappsDownloads

Open Gapps for Android 11

Currently, they have no released the Gapps for the Android 11, In addition, it was quite popular in the flashing custom ROMs community. As soon as they will release or any unofficial build we will update.

Download Open GAppsN/A

How you can install Gapps?

As you have downloaded the compatible version of Gapps package for your device, it is important to download correct package so you don’t receive any error while installing Gapps on your device. Above all, Here are the following steps you have to follow.

  1. First thing first, Flash ROM and Recover on your device with the help of TWRP Recovery.
  2. Then, Reboot to recovery.
  3. Therefore, Simply install the Gapps Zip file and then reboot the device.

Hopefully, We believe you have successfully installed the Gapps on your Android 11 device so far. If you have faced any issue you can comment your query. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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