How to Download ARM64 NikGApps for Android 11

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We would like to Introduce custom Gapps package, NikGapps project began with the aim to provide custom gapps packages. A package that a user wants but cannot find and ends up setting up the device installing more apps and removing undesired apps. So, Download the NikGapps  to provides a wide range of options and survives across OTA updates, common updates etc. For Android 11.

What is NikGapps?

  • NikGapps project began with the aim to provide custom gapps packages that suits everyone’s wants.
  • NikGapps additionally comes with nikgapps .config and debloater.config that allows you to control your installation and debloat other stuff from your Rom individually.
  • NikGapps is a little bit strange than other Gapps packages. It is written from scratch; it isn’t a haven of OpenGapps. It focuses on giving apps that most people use still cannot discover other Gapps packages and ends up installing the apps manually.
  • NikGapps do not have stock YouTube. Instead, it has YouTube advanced.
  • NikGapps are also Suitable with Android Go packages for low-end devices.
  • NikGapps also supports split-apps
  • NikGapps is built on a different architecture form Other Gapps, and the installation method is also different (Every Package comes with that installs itself). Also, it places the gapps to /product partition instead of /system partition.
  • NikGapps allows you to illegible flash it anytime you want, and it also supports installing all Roms with Gapps (except for the pixel flavoured Roms)
  • NikGapps is allowed to configure the installation. It can be installed to any partition (be it /system or /product or any other section which may get added in future)
  • NikGapps also allows you to keep the aosp equivalent of the Google app if you want (just by using nikgapps.config you can select whether to remove the aosp companion or remove it)


Why NikGApps?

  • You can Customizable Installation, and there is full control over what you install. Just install the package you want to!
  • NikGapps gives Wide Support From the Core to the full package, NikGapps offers a wide range of packages to suit your want.
  • NikGapps has Regular Updates, Updates are usually weekly, any longer than that means something exciting is cooking.
  • Also, it has Addons Support, NikGapps comes with freeware addons that are widely used alongside Gapps.
  • NikGapps comes with the full addon.d support to provide you with flash and forget experiences and Seamless OTA Updates

NikGapps comes with the following packages.

  • Core package
  • Go package (for low-end devices)
  • Full package
  • Omni package
  • Basic package
  • Macro package
  • Stock package

Flashing for A/B devices (Clean Flash is recommended)

  • First Flash Rom in Slot A, Flash twrp on your device and reboot to recovery
  • Flash Rom in Slot B, Flash twrp on your device and reboot to recovery
  • Flash Magisk (Optional)
  • Flash NikGapps
  • Flash Debloater (Optional)
  • Reboot

Flashing for A-only devices (Clean Flash is recommended)

  • First, Flash Rom
  • Flash Magisk (Optional)
  • Flash NikGapps
  • Flash Debloater (Optional)
  • Reboot

Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there have any query shared with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in the future on the same. Stay tuned for further updates in the future on the same.

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