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How to Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5

How to Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5: You guys must be confused about what custom ROM you should install on your Samsung Galaxy J5 so that you could upgrade it to the latest Android 9. Well choosing a custom ROM is a bit tricky thing to do but here we are for you to make it easy. We here have brought the best custom ROM built on the Android 9 platform and has all the features of android 9. This is an official built of AOSIP so you can expect that this ROM will not have any bugs or glitches. If you want to know how to How to Install Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5 then you must follow this guide. 

Some people might think that custom ROMs are a no good option for upgrading the device, we can tell you one thing for sure that you will not regret installing the custom ROM on your device. Though a custom ROM is not stable compared to a Stock ROM still custom ROMs are the best option left when your device stops getting the official updates. We recommend you to install this ROM on your device as it has some amazing features and an attractive user interface designs that might interest you more.

Are Custom ROMs safe?

You must have heard somewhere about the custom ROMs that they are not safe to be installed on a device as your data will be at a high risk of being leaked. Well, we would call this a myth of installing a custom ROM. A custom ROM is not as much safe as a Stock ROM is but its not like that your data can be leaked. The Custom ROM developers keep your device’s security up to the maximum if it’s an official built. Every custom ROM has its market name and no one will ever try to degrade that name for some user data. Your data will be safely secured while using the custom ROM and there will be no privacy breaches after installing a custom ROM.

Your device will be completely safe while using the custom ROM. This is the official and the stable version of this ROM so we can assure you that you will face no problems after installing this custom ROM on your device.


Erandroid is not responsible for any kind of damage caused to your device after following this guide. Proceed at your own risk. Unlocking bootloader is an easy but risky process if you skip any step then it may result in bricking your device and in that case we are not responsible.

Note: By following this guide, your smartphone’s warranty will be void.


  • Your battery must be above 80 percent before following this guide
  • This guide is only for OnePlus 7. Don’t follow this for any another device
  • First, download the required files from the download section and then proceed
  • Don’t skip any step as missing any step could brick your smartphone, and you may not be able to receive it back.


  • Install AOSIP Andriod 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5-Download
  • Gapps For Install AOSIP Andriod 9-Download
  • ADB and Fastboot drivers for windows-Download
  • ADB and Fastboot drivers for MAC-Download

How to Install Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5

This guide is divided into three sections, so follow it accordingly without skipping anything mentioned.

AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5

1. Unlock the bootloader

First of all, you have to unlock the bootloader of your device. If you don’t know how to do it, then we will explain it to you here. In order to unlock the bootloader of any Xiaomi device, you have to get the permission to unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi device. In case you don’t know a thing about how to do it just follow this guide on how to unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy J5.

2. Install TWRP On Samsung Galaxy J5

This section will tell you how to install the TWRP on Samsung Galaxy J5

    1. First of all, download the TWRP recovery image for your device and rename it to TWRP and save it in the ADB folder. To download the TWRP for your device, follow the link above and select your device and download the TWRP recovery image from there.
    2. Now go to ADB folder and hold shift and right-click inside the folder then select open command window here.

  1. Connect your device with the PC and type:
    adb reboot bootloader

  2. Once you’re into bootloader mode, type the following command
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

  3. Once TWRP is successfully flashed on your device, type this final command to reboot your device.
    fastboot reboot

  4. Done!! This will install TWRP on your device

3. How to install Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5

  • First of all, follow the pre-requisite section then proceed
  • Now download the required ROM files from above and save it on your device’s storage
  • Now boot your device into TWRP mode
  • Once you are booted into TWRP mode, Select wipe and tap advanced wipe then the select system, data, Dalvik/ART cache, cache. Just remember not to format the storage in which you have saved the Install AOSIP Andriod 9 zip file.
  • Now swipe to format the selected items
  • Now Select install then search for the Install AOSIP Andriod 9 zip file which you have saved before and swipe to install it.
  • Wait for the installation process to be completed
  • Now follow the same steps to install Install AOSIP Andriod 9 GApps on your device
  • Done!!

That’s all on how to download and Install AOSIP Andriod 9 on Samsung Galaxy J5. After following this guide if you have any queries then let us know in the comment section. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. If you have followed the guide successfully, then you will get the expected results. Do share and follow our blog for such amazing posts.

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