How to Install crDroid Pie on Samsung S9 Exynos (Android Pie 9.0)

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Android Pie is getting popular day by day, most of the new smartphones have android pie pre-installed in them. Android Pie hasn’t reached all of the new devices but most of the users are using it. this guide is for those users who haven’t got the official Android pie update on their smartphones. Through this guide, we will tell you how to install crDroid pie on Samsung S9 Exynos. Samsung S9 Exynos may or may not get the official Android pie update but don’t worry, Till then you can use a custom ROM developed on android Pie platform to experience the new android on your Samsung S9 Exynos.

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crDroid is one of the most trusted custom ROMs in the tech community. crDroid provides the most stable custom ROMs based on the latest updates and software configurations. Since the ROM is in beta testing period so you may or may not face bugs while using the ROM. We will keep this guide as simple as we can. You have to follow this guide completely to successfully install crDroid pie on Samsung S9 Exynos.

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