How To Install Lineage OS 16 On Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 [Guide]

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Cheer up Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 users because now you can download and install Lineage OS 16 on Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. Lineage OS 16 is the new project by Lineage OS team. Lineage OS 16 is based on Android Pie. Lineage OS 16 will include all the new features of Android Pie 9.0. So by installing Lineage OS 16 on Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, Lite will install android pie on Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. Lineage OS 16 is one of the first custom ROM to provide android Pie to its users. If you want to install android Pie or Lineage OS 16 on Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, then you should follow this guide.

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Lineage OS 16 is a custom ROM, for those who don’t know what is a custom ROM. A custom ROM is a custom operating system which will give you much more freedom to use your device. With the help of a custom ROM, you can install the latest updates directly to your smartphone even if it’s not built for your device. If you haven’t received any OTA update for your device, but you want to install the latest android on your device, then custom ROMs can help you in that case. Maybe a custom ROM is not that stable like a stock ROM, but still, it works fine even I am also using a custom ROM on my device rather than the stock ROM.

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