How to Install Lineage OS 17 GSI for Wiko Y60[Android 10]

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Cheer up guys because now you can download and install the Android 10 on your device using the latest custom OS ROM. Today’s technology is so advanced that you don’t have to wait for anything anymore. If you see something new for smartphones pop up and even if your smartphone brand doesn’t roll out update on it, you can get it on your device too without waiting for the official stuff. The age of waiting is over now my friends. If you want to know how to install Lineage OS 17 GSI for Wiko Y60, follow this guide.


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You must have heard about the Android 10 lately, some devices have their brand’s official Android 10 update, yet there are many devices that are outdated, so for those devices, the good news is that the custom ROMs based on Android 10 has started to roll out. Choosing the best custom ROM for your device has always been a difficult one. There is a lot you should check out in a custom ROM before installing it on our device. You can’t just trust any random custom ROM you found on the internet. If the custom ROM you are installing is out of order, it could cause your device to malfunction. If you have not previously installed custom ROMs on a device or have no knowledge of custom ROMs, you should read this article.









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