How to Install PixysOS Android 10 on Lenovo P2

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How to Install PixysOS Android 10 on Lenovo P2: Without a doubt, Xiaomi is the king of budget smartphones. Xiaomi has a great lineup of phones like the Mi A2, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Redmi K20, and more. While every year Xiaomi comes up with a new phone with improved specifications, better camera, and the latest version of MIUI, but you don’t need to upgrade your phone every year. Even on older Xiaomi phones, you can just unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery and flash a custom ROM that suits your needs and you are good to go. Xiaomi phones are one the most popular among the custom ROM developers. You will get a great community for Xiaomi devices on sites like XDA Developers.

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On top of all, MIUI is not for everyone. It is a heavily skinned, theme supported version of Android. Most people out there want a clean, close to stock Android experience. MIUI has its pro but not everyone out there is a fan of this OS plus the downside is the OS has Ads. People prefer Xiaomi phones because of the great price point and specification that the manufacturer offers.

Lenovo P2 was one of the best device the company has ever produced. Out of the box, it runs on MIUI 10 which is based on Android 9 (Pie) and is upgradable to MIUI 11 based on Android 10 Q. The Lenovo P2 is without a doubt an amazing budget smartphone but the user experience is equally important while there’s a lot of custom ROMs out there for the Redmi 7 we have found the best one, the PixysOS.

PixysOS Custom ROM [Android 10]

PixysOS is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It provides a lag-free experience that is close to stock Android with minimal customization options available. The latest version of PixysOS v3.1.0 based on Android 10 is now available for Xiaomi’s budget king the Lenovo P2. Android 10 is the 10th version of the Android family named Android Q. Android 10 comes with some exciting like the dark theme, smart reply in all messaging apps, enhanced location, and privacy tools, focus mode, live captions, fit for foldable, sending updates straight to your phone, new parental control, edge-to-edge gestures, real-time Live Transcribe transcriptions, support for streaming media and calls to hearing aids, incognito mode for Google Maps, new Dynamic depth file format to store and share photos taken with the help of depth sensors, and AR content and multi-camera APIs.

Custom ROMs have always been the best way to enjoy the smooth and latest Android experience on older devices and we all know how Android is so far behind as compared to iOS in providing software support. Therefore, Custom ROMs are a great way to have the best Android experience. With Custom ROMs ranging from pure stock Android experience like the Pixel Experience ROM to a heavily skinned custom ROM like the AOSiP, you have got a lot to choose from. After a point of time and mostly budget device start to lag, become slow, battery drain a lot faster and manufacturers stop releasing security updates. To give a new life to your smartphone you should definitely install custom ROM on your device.


But before you could start flashing the PixysOS on your Lenovo P2 you need to get the following things in order:

  • Charge your device up to 70% or 80%
  • Download the Xiaomi’s latest USB drivers.
  • Download Android 10 GApps. We’d recommend downloading the nano or pico variant of GApps.
  • You need to have an unlocked bootloader on your Lenovo P2.
  • Download the PixsysOS ROM for Lenovo P2.
  • You need to have a custom recovery (TWRP) installed on your device in order to flash the PixsysOS ROM.
  • Backup your device as the phone will get factory reset.
  • Your phone can get brick in the process.

Now that you’ve done all of this you are ready to move forward to install the PixysOS on your Redmi Note 7. Make sure to follow each and every step very carefully as skipping any step can cause harm to your device. Now, Follow the steps below to install PixysOS on your device:

How to Install PixysOS Android 10 on Lenovo P2

First of all, you have to unlock the bootloader of your device. If you don’t know how to do it, then we have a guide for you guys. You can follow the guide on How to unlock the bootloader of Lenovo P2 [Same for all Xiaomi Devices]. 

You cannot proceed to follow this guide if your bootloader is locked. If you do so then it will end up with the unexpected results if you try to install this firmware on your android device without unlocking its bootloader.

Now you have to install the latest TWRP on you device if you haven’t till yet and don’t know how to do it, follow this guide on How to download and install latest TWRP on Lenovo P2.

How to Install PixysOS Android 10 on Lenovo P2

How to Install PixysOS Android 10 on Lenovo P2 [Guide]

  1. Put the Downloaded files like the PixysOS zip file and the GApps on your device’s SD Card.
  2. Now, boot into the TWRP recovery. Power off your phone and press and hold the volume up and power button simultaneously. Release the keys when you see the recovery screen.
  3. You need to Decrypt and Re-Encrypt data partition on your Lenovo P2.
  4. For Saftey Purpose, you can take a complete backup of your stock ROM using the TWRP recovery.
  5. Now Wipe the system data of your device in the TWRP recovery.
  6. Now, tap on install and look for the PixyxOS zip file.
  7. After selecting the zip file, swipe to confirm the flashing.
  8. After flashing the PixyxOS zip file don’t reboot your device.
  9. You can even flash Magisk or SuperSU if you want root access.
  10. Now you can reboot your device and DONE!

If everything went well you’ll be able to enjoy PixysOS on your Lenovo P2. As of right now, there are no known issues in the PixyxOS v3.1.0 based on Android 10. You’ll enjoy all the features of Android 10 as the option to use gesture navigation, 2-Button Navigation, and even 3-Button navigation on the PixyxOS on your Lenovo P2 plus the additional customizations options are also available the PixyxOS will give you a close to stock Android experience.

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