How to perform a factory reset on OnePlus 8T (Hard Reset)

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How to perform a factory reset on OnePlus 8T (Hard Reset): Recently, OnePlus came out with its latest OnePlus 8T, which packs in all the latest and greatest specs. But no phone is flawless, and even the latest phones get software issues, glitches, and other hurdles in the way of a great user experience. The most go-to solution to fix these problems is to restart your devices, and if the problem persists, try resetting your device. Most people out there prefer to factory reset their devices. You should also consider the factory resetting your smartphones before selling them to ensure that all your data is erased from the device. You should consider creating a complete backup of your device so that you can restore it later to resume from where you left off.

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The factory reset is a process of erasing all the data and settings. The process is also called “Hard Reset” or “Master Reset”. Hard resetting your device lets you get rid of most of the glitches and software issues. It can help you if you are facing issues like unusual lags during navigation or while launching apps, apps or OS freezing/hanging abruptly, boot loops, failed OTA software updates, and more. Factory/hard resetting your device will remove all the data like Images, documents, songs, etc. Here are two ways with which you can hard reset your OnePlus 8T. The first method is quite mainstream, which most of you must have followed at least once in your life, but the other one is somewhat advanced for a normal user:

How to perform a factory reset on OnePlus 8T

How to perform a factory reset on OnePlus 8T

  • Using the built-in option in the Settings menu:

  1. On your device, go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select “System”.
  3. Click on “Reset options” to view the list of different reset options.
  4. In there, select “Erase all data (factory reset)”.
  5. Now tap on “Erase All Data” and select “Confirm”.
  6. Enter your phone’s lock screen PIN/Password/Pattern when prompted.
  7. And now, finally, press “Erase all data” to perform a factory reset on your OnePlus 8T.

  • Using Stock OxygenOS Recovery:

  1. Hold the power button for a few seconds and power off your device.
  2. Now Hold the Volume Down + Power keys together to enter the stock recovery mode.
  3. Enter your phone’s lock screen password if prompted.
  4. Select “English” as the recovery’s language.
  5. Tap on “Wipe data and cache” on the recovery mode’s main screen.
  6. Tap on “Erase everything”.
  7. Finally, tap on “This can not be undone, continue?” to factory reset your OnePlus 8T.
  8. Once the process is complete you will see the “Format Success” message on the phone’s screen.
  9. Now tap on “Reboot” to boot your phone back into the system.


By following any of the above two methods, your phone will factory/hard reset. Now you can restore data on your device from the backup you have created earlier, or you can have a fresh start on your device. You’ll require to log into your Google/OnePlus account, install your favorite apps, and carry on with your work.

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