How to Run any banking app on Rooted Phone

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How to Run any banking app on Rooted Phone: Rooting your Android devices makes a lot of room customizing your device, installing custom ROMs, unsupported apps, better battery, and even speeds up your phone. Rooting your device has a lot of benefits but not everything good comes easy, there is a lot of disadvantages too. It can brick your device, void your warranty, update problems, and security risks. In today’s world where we all want a secure experience rooting your device makes your device more vulnerable as it disables a lot of in-built security features of the OS. Many apps don’t work on rooted devices due to security issues.

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Banking apps like Tez, Google Pay, BHIM, Paytm, and many other banking apps do not work on Rooted Android devices. This happens because the GoogleSafteyNet gets broken in the process of rooting your device and not only banking apps but a lot of other apps on the Google Play Store do not work on a Rooted smartphone. When you open any banking app on your device you’ll see a warning popping up saying Your device is rooted and the app just exits or is just unusable.

How to Run any banking app on Rooted Phone

How to Run any banking app on Rooted Phone

So the only option you are left with is to unroot your device and then use these apps.

There is a way around if you wanna use Banking apps on your rooted device without going through the hassle of unrooting your device all you need is an app called Island which is available on the Google Plays Store using Island you can isolate and use apps for privacy purpose, clone the apps to run in parallel and can even freeze the apps to block its background behavior or you can use Magisk Manager if you’ve flashed it while rooting your device to carry out the process:


Download and install the Island app.

By following the instructions on the screen, create a work profile.

Now there will be two profiles one is the Island other is the main.

Clone the app you wish to use on your rooted device. It will ask for root permission.

Open the app from the Island app.

Now you’ll be able to use your banking app without any issues.


Open Magisk Manager on your device.

Tap on Start SafetyNet Check to check if Magisk is properly installed on your device.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Magisk installed on your device.

In the advance setting, Make sure both the options are ticked.

Now Tap on the 3 Parallel lines in the top-left corner and click on Magisk Hide.

In Magisk Hide, Select the banking apps or any other apps that are not working due to rooting.

Now, Reboot your device and you’ll be able to use the app without any worries.

Conclusion (How to Run any banking app on Rooted Phone)

Now you’ll be able to use your apps on your rooted device. If you still can’t get it running try unrooting your device and then give it a try. But your device still remains more vulnerable to attacks as rooting your device costs you your device security. Visit our blog for more interesting posts.

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