How to use VTS to check vulnerabilities of Your Android Smartphone

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How to use VTS to check vulnerabilities of Your Android Smartphone: We all need a secure experience on our smartphones, laptops, desktops, and almost everywhere. We all password protect our phones using PIN, password, fingerprints, face ID, and whatnot. But is it really enough? While most of us use smartphones these days so it’s probably the device that contains all your information like your name, email, contacts, credit card numbers, and almost everything. So is it safe to trust a smartphone so much?

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While iOS is considered more safe than Android but still none of them is completely secure. Android is the most used OS on smartphones so it is likely to be more vulnerable and a hacker will be able to target a lot of users. According to news back in March 2020, More than a billion Android devices are at risk of being hacked as they are no longer protected by security updates. Most Android devices get security updates for 2 or at max 3 years after the release that it after that your device becomes more prone to be hacked.

Facts about VTS

While the manufacturer tries to remove the vulnerabilities as much as they can. By putting out security updates but still, it is practically impossible to track and fix all the vulnerabilities on your Android device. But if you really want to check and find all the vulnerabilities on your Android device. We have got you covered. There’s an app called Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) for Android. The best part is the app is available is on the Google Play Store and is free to download. Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) for Android is an opensource mobile app built to search and find the vulnerabilities on your Android. Currently, Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) can check for 25 different Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). All you’ve to do is follow the steps to check your Android device for vulnerabilities:

How to use VTS to check vulnerabilities of Your Android Smartphone

How to use VTS to check vulnerabilities of Your Android Smartphone

  1. After Downloading the app, tap the app icon.
  2. Now you’ll see details of your smartphone like the model number, brand, firmware, etc.
  3. To start the scan tap on the bottom right green colored round icon.
  4. This process will take a few seconds so wait.
  5. Once the process is finished. You’ll be able to see a summary screen that will show the vulnerabilities that have been analyzed. It also shows the number of vulnerabilities which has been detected to be vulnerable.
  6. To inspect furthermore, you can click on each vulnerability which is marked red. (The red text indicates that its vulnerable and green text indicates it’s not vulnerable.

If you found some vulnerabilities you can wait for future security updates to fix it or you can even wait for a software update if you’ve bought your phone recently. But what if you are not getting any software updates or the security update? Then here comes the custom ROMs to the rescue. You can install any custom ROM preferably LineageOS, AOSP extended, or Pixel Experience. As they are really secure plus they get security updates more often than any other ROM in the market.


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