Latest Magisk Canary release adds support for Android 11

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Magisk is the most popular root solution for Android devices. Still, because of the modifications, it has to do to provide for systemless-root. It usually needs to updated to be compatible with the latest Android release. The first Developer Preview for Android 11 was released back in February, followed by the second Developer Preview last month. Today, topjohnwu released a Canary build of Magisk that can root the Android 11 Developer Preview.

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What is Magisk

Magisk is the famous Android rooting solution that comes in the form of the ZIP file. That used to root Android smartphones. It was developed by the developer topjohnwu in 2016 as an alternative way to root Android devices different than the famous SuperSU by Chainfire.

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The Magisk comes in the formation of a zip file that can flashed via a custom recovery like TWRP in order to obtain root on Android devices. Once you have flashed the Magisk Zip file via TWRP, you can handle the front end activities, including but not restricted to manager root access, via an App called Magisk Manager.

This first Canary build has designed to operate for the latest Android 11 Developer Preview releases for Pixel smartphones. Though first reports from Pixel 2 owners recommend. It isn’t working for them. Bugs are to demanded, given this is a Canary release, though. According to topjohnwu, SafetyNet Attestation currently passes. But it’s uncertain how long that’ll last once Google completely rolls out hardware attestation for SafetyNet.

To gain started with root on Android 11, download the latest Canary Manager release or change to the Canary release channel in Manager’s settings and then update Magisk. If you experience any problems, file a bug report on the project’s GitHub repository.

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