Resurrection Remix Android 10-Features, Supported Devices

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Resurrection Remix Android 10: When it comes to smartphone OS Android dominates the market with 87% of the global market share, while Apple’s iOS operating system controls 13%. This shows a much clear picture that there are more Android users out there. Every year Google releases a new version of Android in their annual developer conference called Google I/O but, this year it got canceled due to the whole Coronavirus pandemic still we got Android 11 preview. While Android 11 is still in the beta phase, all of us are stuck with a year old Android 10.

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Without a doubt, Android 10 was one of the best and most feature-packed Android updates in quite a while. Android 10 came with some of the exciting features like Dark Theme, Smart Reply in all messaging apps, Enhanced location, and privacy tools, Incognito mode for Google Maps, Focus mode, Live Caption, New parental controls, Edge-to-edge gestures, Fit for foldable, 5G compatibility and more.

Android 10 also introduced 50+ new emojis and different icon shapes like Square, Teardrop, Rounded Rectangle, and more. I feel that’s quite a lot of features to bring with a new Android version. But Now all of us want to the stock Android plus Android 11 will still take a lot of time to come out so until then you can try different ROMs on your Android Device.

Choosing a custom ROM for your device is a tedious task as there’s a lot of options out there some on the popular ones are the Pixel Experience, LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, ASOP Extended, etc. While choosing a custom ROM you should look out for things like how stable the ROM is, Frequency of Updates, and how it hits your battery life. One of the best options out there is Resurrection Remix.

Resurrection Remix Android 10- Features

I know most of you out there must have used Android 10 extensively and you are really looking forward to trying out all the features that Android 11 has to offer, while you can install the beta version of Android 11 but it comes with a lot of bugs. So the only option you are left is to either wait for Android 11 or to install a custom ROM on your device.

Resurrection Remix is an AOSP based custom ROM, it comes with a stock Android look just like you get on a Pixel device. It brings a lot of new features and brings in an awesome combination of performance, customization, power, and battery life as compared to other ROMs. Back in May 2020, Resurrection Remix released Resurrection Remix 8.0 update based on Android 10. The best aspects of the Resurrection Remix are:

Resurrection Remix Android 10-Features, Supported Devices

  1. Stability: It is one of the most stable ROM out there with almost no bugs and it provides you with a very seamless experience.
  2. OTA Updates: There is no need for you to flash the new version of the ROM every single time. You will get OTA (Over the Air) updates just like you get on stock Android.
  3. Battery-Friendly: Unlike other custom ROMs that drains your battery faster in order to give you better performance, Resurrection Remix is a very battery-friendly OS without compromising on performance.
  4. Customizability: Resurrection Remix comes with a lot of customization options. It a perfect combination of stock Android with a lot of customizability.
  5. Device Support: Unlike other custom ROMs, Resurrection Remix brings support for a wide range of devices like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, and more. A list of all the supported devices is also provided.
  6. Security Updates: Resurrection Remix is very secure, it comes with monthly security updates to give you a very secure experience.

Resurrection Remix Android 10- Supported device list

What makes Resurrection Remix so amazing is that it has its foundation based on some of the most popular ROMs in the market like LineageOS, Pixel Experience, and OmniROM. Developers were trying for a really long time to bring Resurrection Remix 8.0 based on Android 10 for the users and now they finally feel confident enough to remove the beta tag from the development and they released the latest Resurrection Remix 8.0 for the users. In case you are planning to port Resurrection Remix to your phone or you simply want to perform a local build, the updated manifests can be found online. Resurrection Remix is hand down one of the best custom ROM available right now with a lot of customization options and a close to stock Android experience.

Here is a list of all the supported devices which can run Resurrection Remix 8.0 based on Android 10:

  • ASUS

    •  ZenFone 5Z(Z01R)
    • ASUS ZenFone Max M1(X00P)
    •  ZenFone Max Pro M1(X00TD)

  • Google

    •  Nexus 6P(angler)
    • Google Pixel 2 XL(taimen)

  • Motorola

    •  G6 Plus(evert)
    • Moto G7 Plus(lake)
    •  Z3 Play(beckham)

  • OnePlus

    • 3(oneplus3)
    • OnePlus 6(enchilada)
    • 6T(fajita)
    • 7 Pro(guacamole)
    • 7T(hotdogb)
    • 7T Pro(hotdog)

  • Samsung

    • Galaxy S9(starlte)
    • Galaxy S9+(star2lte)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9(crownlte)

  • Xiaomi

    • Mi A1(tissot)
    • Xiaomi Mi A2(jasmine_sprout)
    • Mi 6X(wayne)
    • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite/Mi CC9(pyxis)
    • Redmi
      • 4A(rolex)
      • 4X(santoni)
      • 5(rosy)
      • 5A(riva)
      • 5 Plus(vince)
      • S2/Y2(ysl)
      • 7 and Redmi Y3 (onclite and onc)
      • Note 4(mido)
      • Note 5 Pro(whyred)
      • redmi Note 6 Pro(tulip)
      • Note 7/7S(lavender)
      • Redmi Note 7 Pro(violet)
      • Redmi Note 8/8T(gingko/willow)
      • Note 9S(curtana)
      • Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse)
      • K20/Mi 9T(davinci)
      • Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro(raphael)
      • K30 4G/POCO X2(phoenix)

    • POCO F1(beryllium)

And Keep in mind Resurrection Remix ROMs comes with GApps pre-installed so there is no need to flash GApps separately if you are looking forward to flashing Resurrection Remix on your device. Resurrection Remix will even give your old Android device a new life. Redmi Note 4 and OnePlus 3 which officially does not support Android 10 will be able to install Resurrection Remix 8.0 based on Android 10 and you’ll be able to use Android 10 without any issues.  Visit our blog for more interesting posts like this.

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